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Heart Line
by: Evin Lachance

I made a note to watch Tom’s face as we both enter through the main entrance into this event. I had coaxed him into coming. Before this day he had no notion of what New Media was and hopefully this First Year Art Show would spark an interest. We entered and as expected his eyes light up. The room was buzzing will all sorts of interesting and creative works, which caused him to curiously look about the room.

As we approach the first exhibit by the door we were welcomed by one of the students who had been working on this particular project. Behind her we saw a platform that supported three objects that looked like microphone stands, but instead of the plushy rounded ends at the top they were flat and circular, and above that was a monitor that had strange circular renderings just floating casually, almost like what you see on itunes visualizer when you play your music. She kindly asked if we were looking to have a fun experience. Tom nodded and quickly moved to the platform, I myself stood back to watch, in order to see what would happen next.

The girl instructs Tom to simply take the stand and place it on his chest. His fingers find perfectly placed plastic groves on the stand and bends the malleable metal, so that the circular part is on his chest. Immediately the sound of his heart beat radiates out of the speakers that I hadn’t noticed before and the visualizer starts to produced rhythmic rings of colour that jumped every time his heart pumps. Tom looks so excited to be up there, he even removes it from his chest to say that he has always wanted to hear his heart beat like a doctor would. Smiling now he places it back on his chest to watch the visualizer.

A crowd starts to assemble and two older people who look like their part of the faculty jump up next to tom and place the, what I am guessing is a stethoscope, to their own chest. Now three hearts are booming out of the speakers. It is unlike anything I have ever heard before, I cannot help but smile. The two older people are now trying to slow their breath as to get their hearts to a similar pattern, they ask Tom to do the same, he tries but gives up. The faculty members are now almost hyperventilating from laughing at their attempt to correlate their heart beats.

Tom steps down from the platform and is replaced by another eagerly waiting person. The smile and animated giggle he gives as he reaches me, is very contagious and we both start laughing as we walk away, but as we turn the kind girl from before stop us. She asks Tom if she could have his email. Confused he asks “why” and she replies saying that she is going to send him the recording of his heart. Thrilled Tom gives it her without hesitation.


Written by Evin Lachance

March 8, 2011 at 2:41 pm

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