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Evin’s Experience Map : Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Okay maybe I am slightly over exaggerating in the name but it was creative and I needed to use it. 😛

Over all the whole experience was a let down but it did have its high points, but people usually focus on the negatives because it is easier to complain. Well in my opinion.

My group and I went to Le Commensal, Fine Vegetarian Cuisine for lunch on a lovely cold Friday afternoon. Funny enough it was located on elm street just off of Younge. When approaching the restaurant it was not what I expected, personally I was thinking of a more modern look with bright greens, and helvetica fonts for it sign but I guess they were going for a more conservative, sophisticated look. Not bad at all but I do enjoy my bright greens.

We walked into the restaurant and I was totally dumb founded to find it looked like a high-end food court rather than a sit down dinner. The Cashier obvious noticed that we were new when he saw our confused face and began to explain the process in which we select our food. Confused even more we shuffled to a table in the back and began observing our environment. Funny enough we began to talk about other restaurants rather than taking in the one we were in. After some hesitation we went to the buffet and got Navdeep to go and ask about the process again. Finally understanding that we had to pay two dollars per 100 grams, we focused our attention to the food. It smelt really good and for the most part it looked good too.

Can you guess how many grams? it was a little over 900 grams so I was looking at an 18 dollar charge but luckily enough the cashier gave us a 15% discount, so my meal came to 13 dollars. The overall taste of the food was good, the tofu rice dish was my favorite but some of the other foods I had were cold. Everyone complained that their food was cold. My favorite part of the experience was being their with amazing people who are hilarious and are good for a great conversation, it made the experience a more enjoyable one.

Nearing the end of our experience at Le Commensal there came a bigger rush of people and the place became fulled within a few minutes. We were the youngest there so I guess it was more of the businesses around area that made up the main customer population for this restaurant. We found that people were using this place for social gatherings, to just having a cup of coffee and enjoying their meal. People used this space to what suited their needs.

Well as you can see I finished my meal and I was satisfied. Even though eating relatively healthy, a few of us had a craving for ice cream and chocolate afterwords. 😛

I guess If I could change something about the restaurant I would have to start with the staff interaction. There was none when we were at the restaurant, aside from paying our bills. I believe that is part of going to a restaurant getting that “thank you” or “have a nice day,” at the end of your meal without it I felt incomplete. I would also change the navigation of the buffet designating a clear start and a clear finish. Also to add to the list I would make it a fixed “all you can eat” buffet price, I believe this would attract more customers and allow the business to charge a higher price for the food instead of having people being cautious to what they put on their plates, like we all were.

My Group consisted of myself, Kyle Lleses, Meerie Park, and Navdeep Sahota.

Here is over experience map that we created about our over all experience with Le Commensal, Fine Vegetarian Cuisine.


Written by Evin Lachance

February 7, 2011 at 7:07 pm

3 Responses

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  2. Nightmare on elm street! ha love it!
    Ps how did you add that make that slideshow gallery?

    Navdeep Sahota

    February 8, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    • Its a feature when you add the images and then go to the gallery option at the top of that box. Then on the bottom it offers a insert gallery, or slideshow.

      Evin Lachance

      February 8, 2011 at 11:27 pm

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