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Hammer and a Nail

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In this piece there is a block with three nails in it. The middle nail is slightly out of the box while the other two are pressed into the box. There is also a hammer on the side. The single action I am looking for is that some one would use the hammer and hit the nail. The nail sticking out and seeing the hammer would make the person want to finish the job. The people will be amazed by how simple it is.
I expect some people to be timid with the hammer and some to just smash the hammer down onto the object.


I believe my action was almost two simple to do. I thought that a timid person would definitely hit the hammer lighter and and a much more out going person would smash the hammer onto the block in hopes of it cracking.


Written by Jasmine P

March 2, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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