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Jennys’ Keeper

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For this assignment I created a colourful piece of origami that was a spikey ball. I remember when we were first given the project, I knew I would ask Ding what his interests were. Like me, he didn’t quite know how to answer this question so we decided to become friends on facebook to see if there was anything we could get from there. I also remember Ding telling me right away he liked “cool stuff” so I took this main fact and went with it. I wanted to make him a decorative piece that he could keep as a sort of memento from the New Media program here at Ryerson. I can see him keeping it somewhere like on a shelf or maybe even on his desk on display.

When we were first given the assignment of making something out of paper I first thought of origami. Origami always looks neat and is something that I have always thought of as a gift that you would give to someone else. I immediately began researching different origami techniques to find the perfect one for my partner. It had to be something that would interest him, something small to keep on your desk, something that didn’t take too long to make

Origami Keeper!

(in case it didn’t work and I had to start over), and of course, something made out of paper. With this, I found a spikey ball with 5 different colours that seemed perfect for Ding. I spent two hours on my first attempt at origami and let me tell you… it was horrible. I decided I needed to find something that would be easier for me to make. I then found another origami spikey ball, slightly smaller, less colours, and less steps. This one was perfect. I followed the online instructions on how to make it, added some glue so it would last longer then the trip home, and cleaned up the edges. The final product was very neat and precise, just what I was going for with this one.

Because there wasn’t anything too significant about this piece, I expected Ding to like it, but not over-react in any way. It was just a boring object that was interesting to look at and fun at first to play with, maybe even toss around, however, nothing too exciting. When I gave the ‘keeper’ to Ding he smiled and said “Oh Cool!” which was the general reaction I expected. I think this ‘keeper’ may be a success because he might keep it for a while and then eventually throw it out because it continues to get in the way. I know I would keep it as a memento to remember our course, however if your less of a clutter bug then you may choose other-wise and throw it in the trash.



Written by jprocee

February 15, 2011 at 5:18 pm

4 Responses

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  2. Good job with the construction, looks pretty complicated! But I think this origami’s pretty meaningful, with all the thought you put into it.

    Navdeep Sahota

    February 15, 2011 at 9:20 pm

  3. Jen your keeper looks so complicated. I hope he keeps it because it looks like it took you a long time to make!!

    I like your sincere reaction to if he will keep it or not. What you said is true, “he might keep it for a while and then eventually throw it out because it continues to get in the way.” paper doesn’t hold that much value and the sentimental value of a the gift from a stranger won’t be that big either.

    overall great job!!


    Evin Lachance

    February 15, 2011 at 9:24 pm

  4. Wow what you created looks really cool Jen and I really like youe sincerity in your writing.

    Jasmine P

    February 15, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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