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My 1st experience in vegetarian restaurant

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My group─Kyle Lleses, Navdeep Sahota, Evin Lachance and I went to vegetarian restaurant for experience map project. I had never tried go to vegetarian restaurant before (because I really love steaks) so when Navdeep talked about the restaurant, I expected!

My group went to restaurant which called [La Commensal], is vegetarian restaurant. It is located on Elm St. and very close to Yonge St. When I just reached, it was slightly different. Actually, I thought vegetarian restaurant should be more fresh, clean, and modern restaurant, however, it wasn’t. However, one thing I like, is pretty quiet and I can see all foods without menu─it was a buffet. When my group found seats, I thought seats were too close each others so it could be bother each others.

When I walked into the restaurant, cashier explained process that I had to pay $2 per 100g and pay it right after I chose. It was weird and messy process. Especially, when I chose foods from the food court, food arrangements were totally messed and foods were not too fresh and warm─luckily, taste was not bad. Oh oh oh… one more thing, drinks are so expensive!! small fresh fruit juice was $3.75. I know always fresh juices are expensive, but the point is all drinks are expensive. All of bottle drinks are over $2.50 even the size seems like mall yogurt. Anyway, I paid almost $8 for some caesar salad, tofus, broccoli and lasagna. During, I walked through the food court, I calculated my food’s grams in my mind (it was totally wrong).

After lunch, I noticed lots of people were eating foods and they were looks like clerks.

Overall, I talked too much negative ways… yeah I love meats. However, it was very good experience to me and I would like to try other vegetarian restaurant which located at Kengsinton Market─name of the restaurant is [Vegetarian Heaven].

If I could change the restaurant, I would have extremely good quality foods all times and re-arrange all foods that people can find foods rather than messy food court. Also, I would make more space between tables that people feel more comfortable. Also, the important thing, I would make real buffet price that people can enjoy fresh and warm foods without paying by grams.


Written by Meerie Park

February 8, 2011 at 10:33 pm

2 Responses

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  1. “pretty quiet and I can see all foods without menu─it was a buffet”
    — you are right Meerie never saw it like that. Theres a silver lining in everything, i guess… 🙂

    The drinks were way to expensive, it is almost a crime! And I love me meat too LOL!

    Defiantly agree with you in changing the layout of the whole place, make it more accessible so that it seems to have more of a pattern plates, soup, salads, warm foods, dessert.

    Evin Lachance

    February 9, 2011 at 8:43 am

  2. I want to try Vegeterain heaven too!

    Navdeep Sahota

    February 9, 2011 at 9:26 pm

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