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Meerie’s Single Action.

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This experience is really simple and easy to control to come up with a picture which includes a great quote! The design, a box with 2 poor straw bars with clips are little hard to control bars however, it works properly and people can change picture to blank/ blank to picture!

I really love photography and Canon cameras so my first idea was make camera shape and make a bar with small buttons that seems like a more real camera. But as my paper craft, it is really hard to make it in a week, so I just changed to box shape. In the class, I was surprised because Kyle also made same based idea–she made find waldo. I think it is really simple and interesting object to everyone. Even I made really poor version, people may enjoy the box.

During the class, Samantha tried it out. At the very first, she didn’t know/ figure it out how it works. I gave 2 clues that one is [very similar to Kyle’s] and [screw straw bars to left side]. I expected to my audience to feel happiness or show interesting face, but, it was not that I expected because she couldn’t figure it out by herself, poor design and it was same as Kyle’s action, so I guess the expectation was not that surprised. I would like to make perfect picture box ASAP!

It was really great time!




Written by Meerie Park

April 13, 2011 at 10:55 pm

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