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Meerie’s Paper Craft!

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I was absent last week so I couldn’t find my partner in my Wednesday morning class. However, I just read through what the assignment is, so I just made paper craft for my one of great friends! (So I couldn’t record a document…sorry.)

Even I know her well, but still I didn’t know what she love/like. I asked few general questions which is

“What do you love?”

“What is your favorite things?”

“What are you most listening to?”


She love lots of things as Vodka, Dr.Marten boots, Electronic music/House music (David Guetta/Dead Mau5). She listed so much things on it!!! Among them, I thought Dr. Marten boots are great to draw or 3D paper craft! So my first idea was the boots! However, I couldn’t figure it out by sketchbook, so I gave up in an hour. She really into photography so I changed my plan that plan to make Canon Mark II 5D which she love! As same as Dr, Marten boots, it was really really detailed and precised paper craft so i couldn’t finish this till due date. It was so awful! During I was freaked out, I found Dead Mau5 icon that seems like mouse. It looked very easy but it took more than 4-5 hours. After I finished, I called her and show it to her on MSN! she really loved it and she said, “Why do you make it by only papers? It seems like too weak!” Definitely, her first reaction was surprise as  “Wow! Did you really make this for me?”.  But few minutes later, she talked about materials and size, just like that I mentioned above.

I really love my paper craft, even I printed out and just glue them. I guess she will keep it ever after. If she doesn’t want to keep it forever, I will make it again and again!



Written by Meerie Park

March 13, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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